Nature ecotourism retreat 


 District of GALLE

Sri Lanka

E-mail : humaterragreenlodge@gmail.com

Mobile :   + 94 (0) 778 780 820


Check-in and check-out

Check-in time: 14.00 hours / 2.00 pm, local time (GMT +5:50)

Check-out time: 11.00 hours / 11.00 am, local time (GMT +5:50)

On arrival you must be able to identify yourself by presenting your passport or identity card.

Non-refundable reservation guarantee Deposit

In order to confirm your stay, a deposit of 30% or 50% (depending on the time of the year) of the total Reservation amount must be paid at least three months before the date of arrival. For any booking within three Months before the date of arrival, the deposit must be paid instantly. This deposit is not refundable.

Guaranteed reservation

Your reservation is considered guaranteed when you receive a Confirmation of payment. Please save or print

This for your records.

Cancellation and No-show policies

The charges for cancellations or no-shows will be limited to your deposit.


The balance of the cost of your stay should be paid  on cash on arrival or by credit card (Master Card, Visa, ) directly on our Web Site before Your Arrival.


Huma Terra strongly recommends you to take adequate travel insurance. We will not accept any responsibility if you travel without a travel insurance.


Huma Terra will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, discomfort, expense, cost or other sum resulting from:

– any neglect of the person affected, regarding safety and our house rules

– any event which we could not have predicted or avoided

– any fault of a third party which is not connected to us

– any problem or reason about which you haven’t informed us in advance

Huma Terra  will not be responsible for any services provided by parties which are not part of our Hotel. For example: a tour operator.


Huma Terra will not accept any behavior that may cause distress, damage or annoyance to other guests, our staff or the dogs or which may create the risk of danger or damage to the property or in any way damage the reputation and/or goodwill of Huma Terra or  is forbidden by law. If people do so, Huma Terra is entitled to require the person(s) concerned to leave the accommodation. No refunds will be made and Huma Terra will not pay any expense or cost incurred as a result of this action.

Office Secretary Huma Terra (PVT) Ltd

1 st Floor Ymba Building – Fort Galle – Sri Lanka

 (Company REG –PV81982)

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